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What We're Doing
We believe that we are called to serve in the world.
To share what we receive with others.
If you believe in serving others, our growing church
can offer you many opportunities.

Please scroll down to learn about some of them.


PHCC members have taken advantage of
many avenues to serve the Little Rock and
world community. Among them are:

Broadway Bridge Project Third Monday Meal (monthly)

Habitat for Humanity

Church World Service

Community Breakfast for the Homeless (5th Sundays)


Congregational Outreach

PHCC Backpacks which became Third Monday Meal Gifts

The Christmas Backpacks ministry has now become a historical
one, although it lasted for 7 years!
In November 2016 we began
distributing items to homeless persons at the Third Monday Meal
each month. Currently, we plan on gifts for 120 people per month.

The backpack ministry was repeated every year
through Christmas of 2015,
and as long as we can muster the resources
we plan to continue serving the homeless
population of Little Rock, Arkansas through
the new program: Third Monday Gifts, also
known as Hillcrest Helping the Homeless.

The need will certainly be there.

At PHCC we look for ways to serve our
fellow human beings wherever and
whenever possible.

This tradition began at Christmas 2009
when PHCC members filled
which were distributed on
Christmas day by our minister and
some volunteers. There were a truckload of
backpacks, but there was such a
greater need! We could have distributed
many more that day.

This was only the beginning.

In 2011, on Christmas Day in the morning,
four PHCC members, including our minister,
delivered 100 Backpacks to homeless people
in Little Rock, Arkansas. The story
of how they got filled is here
. This is an
example of a ministry that we started on
our own, and we completed another set of packs
for 100 Backpacks 2012. These hundred
backpacks were delivered on Christmas Day 2012.

Christmas 2014 we placed 36

backpacks into the hands of homeless persons at
the Community Breakfast that takes place
weekly at Quapaw Quarter United Methodist. This
continues a PHCC tradition, which was in its
sixth year for 2014. Our backpacks number declined
in 2015, and the church began to look for a way to
continue to serve the homeless people of Little Rock
that would be equally useful and dynamic.

The following year we initiated the ongoing
Third Monday Meal Gifts ministry.


Ecumenical Activities

Hillcrest Lenten Series (photos)
Hillcrest Thanksgiving Service
Ecumenical Maundy Thursday Service



A congregation must look after its own with fellowship activities to build strong friendships among members. We regularly get together for luncheons or seasonal parties.

In the past we have enjoyed such fellowship events as:
Valentine Steak Fry
Palm Sunday Potluck
Spring Cookouts
Thanks-by-Giving Dinners
Movie Nights
Christmas Parties

Our Building in Ministry

We host:
1 Alanon group
BSA Venture Crew 3
  Eight Local Artists

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