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100 Backpacks 2011
Backpack Delivery: five met at PHCC at 8:30 AM
on Christmas Day, and delivered 100 backpacks.
Scroll down to the see a section that interests you:
Countdown Photo - updated 12-29-2011
The Calendar - updated 12-26-2011
A List of Suggested Items - updated 12-22-2011
9 Ways You Can Participate
Suggestions from an experienced donor

countdown - 100 Backpacks were distributed on Christmas Morning.
This photo shows the countdown sheets in the narthex at church. If a number is crossed off once, we have the backpack, but it's empty. If the number is crossed off twice, we have a backpack ready to deliver to someone who needs it

We now have delivered all100 backpacks.

No two were exactly alike.
(photo: 12-29-2011)

On December 14, Ms. Lori Berry delivered flats of water bottles,
blankets, and other items gathered by Girl Scout Troop 6200
which meets at First United Methodist. Thanks to
the girls in the Troop and the adults who helped them
gather the items for the ministry.

On Saturday, December 17th, 18 people gathered to distribute
the items we had on hand into 54 backpacks. Some brought backpacks.

Here are the people who helped on Saturday:
Front row: Brennan Whitson, Cole Downing, Linda Whitson, Donna Mann,
Yolanda Talley, Ranee Harp, Mason Downing
Back Row: Blake Weber, Mark Whitson, Carol Owens, Michelle Barbian,
Amber Perry, Ari Whitson, Slade Downing
Not Shown: Quentin Williams, Rees Roberts, Lisa Drannon, Tom Ryan

On Sunday, Dec. 18th, 9 people showed up to check the backpacks and to
add materials acquired on Saturday and Sunday. As of the 18th

57 backpacks are in the Sanctuary awaiting dedication and delivery.
36 still need a few items to be complete. And 19 have been claimed
but not yet returend to the church. 8 backpacks were brought already
filled on Sunday, and many claimed backpacks were returned!
18 of those
from Saturday were completed and placed in the Sanctuary.

Sunday Work crew (L to R): Kathleen Perry, Jessica Mathews, Tammy Mathews,
Bart Newsom, Tom Ryan, Tim Woodard, Anne Pierce
Not shown: John W. Graves and André Guerrero

Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011: Two Venture Crew members helped with
finishing the backpacks begun on Sat. 17th.

They are Quentin Williams and Alex Perry.
37 more backpacks were checked out and filled
the best we could with newly purchased and
delivered items


the calendar
Nov. 13: Collect Thanksgiving Offering toward the 100 Backpacks ministry. DONE
Nov. 20: Collect Thanksgiving Offering toward the 100 Backpacks ministry. DONE

Nov. 13 - Dec. 11: Accept filled and empty backpacks; distribute empty backpacks to members to fill. DONE
Nov. 13 - Dec. 11: Accept items for later use to fill backpacks. DONE
Nov. 13 - Dec. 11: Accept further financial contributions toward purchasing needed backpacks and items. DONE

Unscheduled: Shopping trip(s) to purchase additional needed items, backpacks, and coats. UNDERWAY

Dec. 17: Backpack Ministry Workday #1 (meet to fill empty backpacks and ready for distribution)
DONE--54 backpacks partially filled. All need 1-10 items to be complete.

Dec. 18: Backpack Ministry Workday #2 (meet in afternoon after Potluck, to continue filling backpacks as needed)

DONE--36 backpacks still awaiting items. But 18 of those filled Saturday were completed.

Dec. 24: Dedicate backpacks during the 5:00 PM Christmas Eve Worship Service. DONE

Dec. 25: Early morning.
Distribute 100 backpacks to the homeless community in Little Rock, Arkansas. DONE

Dec. 25: 10:50 AM Sunday Morning Worship. DONE

list of suggested items
(See notes below the list in the Experienced Donor section.)

Thank You! We have all the items we need for 2011!

- If you are buying items for filling a backpack, or for us to place in backpacks, please use this list as your guide.
- Items do not all have to be new, but should be in good shape, no holes or tears.

- You may provide new clothing items if you desire.
- Note how many of the items could be picked up at your favorite Dollar Store!

Some backpacks should be for men, some should be for women: Please mark
whether a man's or woman's backpack!

1 Backpack (Last 54 partially filled on Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011)

Items needed to complete these 54 backpacks are:
1 Blanket (all provided)
An 8 x 10 foot Tarp (WalMart or Dollar Store) (54 needed)
1 Liter bottled water (Dollar Store) (all provided)
1 Toothbrush (Dollar Store)
(all provided)
1 Tube Toothpaste (Dollar Store) (all provided)
1 Bar of Soap (Dollar Store) (7 bars needed)
2 Cans Tuna in oil (Dollar Store) (68 cans needed)
1 Can Mandarin Orange Slices, for Vitamin C (Dollar Store) (all provided)
2 Cans sardines in oil (Dollar Store) (108 cans needed)
1 Quart Can Beef Stew, or 2 smaller cans (Dollar Store) (26 quarts, or 54 small cans needed)
1 Heavy Sweat Shirt (Thrift Store) (7 sweatshirts needed)
1 Heavy pair Sweat Pants (Thrift Store) (25 pairs needed)
1 Knit Cap (Thrift Store )
(all provided)
1 Pair Gloves (Thrift Store) (all provided)
1 Can Opener (Dollar Store or Thrift Store) (28 openers needed)

Other options, not inventoried. Items in red could be useful:
Panchos, plastic
Empty garbage bags
Wash cloths
Zip-lock bags (large, gallon-size can be used to keep clothing items dry)
Socks (all provided)
Insulated underwear
Self-charging flashlights,
or small LED flashlights with AAA batteries .

Use your imagination! You are buying for someone who may not be able to shelter
inside a building during the coldest months of the year.
What would you want to have? How much would you want to carry?

9 Ways you can participate:
(Please review the list of suggested items in a section below)

- Buy backpack(s) and fill with items (man’s or woman’s)
- Buy backpack(s) for others to fill (man’s or woman’s)
- Claim empty backpack(s) and fill with items (man’s or woman’s)
- Donate some of the items for a man’s or a woman’s backpack
- Partner with another to fill backpack(s)
- Help place items in backpacks at the stuffing party
- Donate money to buy backpacks and filler items
- Donate a man’s or woman’s coat for the backpack drive

- Donate a sleeping bag for the backpack drive
  Please do as many of these are you are able in terms of time and money.

A Bit of  History:
In 2009 PHCC delivered 44 backpacks to the homeless of Little Rock. In 2010 we increased the number. For 2011, Holly has set the goal for us to fill and deliver 100 backpacks to Little Rock's homeless community.

Special Thanksgiving Offering donations will be applied toward the backpacks this year. The money will be used to help us reach the goal of 100 backpacks.

We also learned over the past two years that coats are a treasured possession for those who are without permanent homes in the Winter. We are asking that anyone able to do so donate a coat, as well as participating in the backpack ministry. Items do not have to be brand new, but should be in good condition. They do not have to be from the most expensive shops, but can be found at Dollar Tree or other low-price places. Read the section at the end of this message in order to get some suggestions of what to include.

suggestions from an experienced donor
The list of items above came from a website.
Here are some suggestions from Fil Manley a person who has been doing a backpack ministry in Chattanooga, TN for some time. He buys the backpacks and many materials used. Manley's list is reproduced below with his prices.

Although he says there is no need to buy new things, that's up to you. But a lot of what is suggested can be found at Dollar Tree, or other low-price stores. Be sure that everything you put into the packs is functional, rather than ornamental. I think Manley has some excellent suggestions. His website is quoted below:

"I knew, without a doubt, that I had to have wool blankets. That brought to mind army blankets, which are plentiful and cheap. Wool is necessary because it dries quickly, is extremely warm, and will keep you warm, even if it is wet. After not too much looking, I was able to buy 20 wool army blankets for $2.70 each. The next step was to decide what else to put into the bag.

For winter inclusion, a definite must have is a tarp. You can't buy these used, but you can get them cheaply at wal or k marts. An 8x10 foot tarp combined with the blanket can provide shelter and/or warmth in even the coldest or wettest weather. If it is freezing, zero or below, you can roll up in the tarp with the wool blanket, and most assuredly survive. In wet weather, it can be used to make a lean-to, to keep the rain off. On sunny warm days, it can be used as a ground cover, or shelter from the sun.

So, it came down to this in my winter bags =

    1 Used Backpack $1.50 (American Family Thrift Store)
    Wool Army Blanket $2.70 (Ebay)
    8 x 10 foot Tarp $3.00 (WalMart)
    1 Litre bottled water $.50 (Family Dollar)
    1 Toothbrush $1.00 (Family Dollar)
    1 Tube Toothpaste $1.00 (Family Dollar)
    1 Bar of Soap $.25 (Family Dollar)
    2 Cans Tuna in oil $1.00 (Family Dollar)
    1 Can Mandarin Orange Slices, for Vitamin C $.50 (Family Dollar)
    2 Cans sardines in oil $1.00 (Family Dollar)
    1 Quart Can Castleberry Beef Stew $2.00 (Family Dollar)
    1 Heavy Sweat Shirt $2.00 (American Family Thrift Store)
    1 Heavy pair Sweat Pants $2.00 (American Family Thrift Store)
    1 Knit Cap $.50 (American Family Thrift Store )
    1 Pair Gloves $1.00 (American Family Thrift Store)
    1 Can Opener $.50 (River of Life Thrift Store)
    1 Bible $Free (River of Life Thrift Store) Total ===== $18.95

Other things you might possibly include could be empty garbage bags, a wash cloth. Be sure to leave out anything containing alcohol. This would include mouthwash, deodorant, or disinfectants. Lots of people have asked me what to put in for summer. I will still include the blanket and the tarp, both are still useful in the summer. You might think of replacing the warm clothes with more food. More food is always a good alternative. Remember to put in food that is high in protein. While it is a nice idea to give candy bars or crackers, this kind of food does not go far to fill the void. It's only a temporary fix, and this is not what they need. Neither does vegetarian food do much for the average homeless person. While many of us might object to the use of animals as food, it has been my experience that given a choice, most homeless people will go for the meat every time. So I choose to fill my bags with protein and fat containing foods, thus the beef stew, tuna in oil and sardines. I throw in the canned fruit because many of these people are suffering from a vitamin c deficiency. Also, while these backpacks are only $1.50 at the American Family Thrift Store, I have found that you have to be careful to look for backpacks whose zippers and straps are not broken and don't have any holes.

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